My oatmeal recipe is no longer on this website because it’s not raw. Hulls are removed from oats, leaving an oat groat.  Oat groats are high in fat, so once the hull is removed, an oat groat will go rancid within a few days.  Therefore, all oat groats for human consumption are hulled, then “stabilized”, (heated to 200 degrees for an hour or more to stabilize enzyme action).  As a result, oat groats won’t sprout and aren’t raw.  Steel cut oats and Scottish oats are cut after this heating process.  To produce rolled oats, stabilized oats are steamed, then rolled.  This was surprising to me, so I contacted a number of oat producers in Canada and the US, and they confirmed the above.

There is a hulless oat available.  Because it is grown without a hull, it doesn’t need to be heated to stabilize it.  I tried various ways of making a raw oatmeal with it, but it has a grainy mouthfeel—not something I’d recommend. 



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